OperaWeb.com is an interactive marketing firm providing web site design and related services to opera singers, classical musicians, composers, and conductors.

OperaWeb.com's team of award-winning professionals are motivated by the artists and their music, not by profits and volume of business. That's why it is possible to maintain a small, select base of clients, who are awarded the time and dedication necessary to provide superior products and services.

OperaWeb.com's clients are some of the world's most prestigious and respected musicians performing today.

OperaWeb.com's mission is to provide "world class," cost-effective web design and interactive marketing services that far exceed our client's expectations.

OperaWeb.com was founded by Mike Blinder, who has over 25 years experience in all forms of media, and is a full-time marketing consultant to an international base of clients, a past president of broadcast and advertising associations, a respected national lobbyist, a syndicated radio host, a frequent speaker at industry events, an adjunct Professor of Business & Marketing, and is seen regularly on Public Television.

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